Who is Mrs Boom Boom?  I’m a fun loving crazy mother of 3 awesome kids, sprinkled with enough dysfunctional traits to make them like-able and wife to Mr Love Rug a travelling dutch man whom works remote managing a luxury resort on the other side of the world.   After 20 years of corporate roles in sales and marketing working for other people it was time to set aside a new fun project on a variety of real life topics.  Receiving such positive feedback and encouragement from friends, family and complete strangers, was just the kick start needed to want to share stories with others.

These blogs are intimate, funny and the kind of stuff shared with friends  around a coffee.  There is no hidden agenda, there is no selling , just a real love of life and seeing the funny side of even the most shittiest situation.    Blogging is my happy place and helps develop the passion for writing and laughing at myself and sometimes other people (usually my children).

I encourage you to contact and comment on my blogs,  I’m a dag and I love people and knowing what gets your juices flowing!  so any feedback or suggestions you have is a good thing bringing people together.

Making new friends and influencing people is so 2017!

Lots of love and inappropriate sloppy kisses x





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