An attitude of Gratitude


Before you roll your eyes thinking, great here is yet another post about being positive, I want you to take off your tight judgmental pants and keep your mind wide open.

Recently on #mybeautifultribe facebook page, I set up a month long Attitude of Gratitude challenge – it was free, it was easy and open to anyone who had interest for the entire journey or was just jumping in to see what all the fuss was about.  “Why are you doing this?”  “What’s the catch”  “Is this part of a business promotion you are doing?” Nope.  My intention was merely to share my own 5 years of personal development tools and materials which have evolved me into an emotionally healthy individual even when confronted with some of life’s most challenging moments.

What came of this month long challenge was a ripple effect of connecting on a deeper level to my own happiness, meeting lovely new people,  receiving beautiful messages from complete strangers thanking me for my daily posts and the universe providing lots of winks that I was on the right track and to keep moving forward.  The clarity I gained from appreciating even the littlest of things snowballed into manifesting some incredible opportunities, moments and experiences in such a short amount of time.

The most important lesson I have learnt from focusing on being grateful is just being ‘thankful’ for waking up, taking a deep breath, watching the sunrise, drinking fresh water, cuddling my kids, smiling and chatting with strangers, a phone call with my girlfriend, a loving smile from my husband.   I can easily roll off everything now that I’m grateful for, I no longer focus on what I don’t have and very rarely have a moment where I am feel sorry for myself.  Your emotions, your feelings are the MOST important guidance factor on how you are doing in life…period.

Three weeks into the Attitude of Gratitude challenge I met with a friend whom to others would appear to have it all – she is beautiful to the eye, successful, wealthy, happily married to a man that loves her,  academic and healthy kids and a well trained dog (I was especially envious of her well trained dog, I’m still working on this one!)  as we sat sipping expensive wine from her many travels overseas, I sat and listened  as she told me how unhappy she was feeling and lonely.   It was at this exact moment, I felt a wave of knowing wash over me that happiness really is an inside job, the fact that “Ms Beauty” was so focused on what she didn’t have, and was blaming outside conditions for why she felt this way,  the words she used, it all made complete sense to me at that moment.  “Ms Beauty, was warped in her thoughts and the lens she was looking through.  Her focus was on what she didn’t have, and yet the beauty she was surrounded in never made a mention.

I walked away from that moment with so much clarity that I gave a little fist pump to the sky – I understood my lesson from the universe, I was an attentive student indeed!

Making small adjustments everyday to our way of thinking is a start in the right direction.   I have been journal-ling my thoughts for the past 2 years since moving back from New Zealand,  knowing that my husband was moving overseas, my father was terminally ill and would die, I knew I had to get my shit together for my kids.  I was aware in advance that I needed to grow some muscles in a new way – to grow stronger, not look to others to fix me but to find ways to calm myself and accept my roller coast of emotions that were on their way!  Looking back at my journal of thoughts and gratefulness I’m so proud of how much I’ve grown as a person.

Here’s a few simple ways to help anyone get into a more grateful state:

1.Journal – buy yourself a beautiful notebook, and start writing.. if you are not used to this, just start with a point form list of what you are grateful for in your life – your kids, your friends, having a roof over your head, etc.  keep it simple.

2. Book an appointment for yourself – Yes set aside at least 15 -30 minutes a day as a minimum to go for a walk, stretching, listen to a motivational YouTube video, podcast whatever, expand your thinking to something positive!

3. Ditch the bitch – Ok, this sounds nasty but I need to get my point across – remove the high maintenance, judgmental friends, family members and co-workers from your life, if you cant,  just don’t give them as much time in your life and especially don’t give them time in your thoughts and conversations – you are responsible for your own life and thoughts, as Mahatma Gandhi quoted “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

4. Stop wasting time watching the news, listening to negative radio stories and avoid gossip at all costs.  You may think this doesn’t affect you and your mood but it absolutely does.

5. Find your gratefulness guru – I love reading and listening to YouTube videos by  Dr Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Mel Robbins, Louise Hays, and I’ve got a library of meditation and mindfulness tracks that is larger than my music collection.

These days I’m always receiving compliments  on how good I look, how happy I am and where do I get my positive energy from?  Strangers always comment on how friendly I am and I can honestly say it really comes down to my newly trained ‘muscles’ of positive thought patterns.   I love being excited and feeling incredible joy,  the  people that have entered my life and the friends that have stood by me.  The plans my husband and I are making for the future is a lot to be excited about!

But again I could feel sad that my husband lives in another country, that I’ve lost both my parents and good friends have left my side….it all comes down to being grateful for what I have and saying thank you really does lead to more good things coming my way…

I’d love to share links, books and information with others, so message me directly and I’ll hook you up and get your Attidude of Gratitude pumping…

With lots of love x

Mrs boom boom


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