Say YES! to happily ever after !

With my husband Mr Love Rug living in the Maldives and the children and I in Australia over the past year it has been a big change for us all. One advantage of this has been finishing up 2017 on the beautiful Atmosphere Kanifushi island resort by my husbands side and him surprising me by asking me to renew our wedding vows – I’d like to tell you it was a beautiful and romantic moment but I burst into tears and my skin got all pink and splotchy … Mr LR went quiet then asked ” is that a yes?” ” yes!” I said through my snotty nose and screwed up red face.

So on the 28 December we renewed our wedding vows with our two daughters included in the ceremony and it was the most beautiful experience so far in my life to feel such an overwhelming love for this man whom we have been through so much in the past 18 years. It’s true what they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We’ve had our ups and downs, we don’t agree on everything, living separately has had it’s own challenges but when you can be honest with each other and work through it, that’s all that matters.

As we renewed our vows I took note of what made this more special than our original ceremony. This wasn’t for anyone else but us – no parents or relatives. It wasn’t about the dress or the theming of the reception or who sits next to who – it was stress and drama free, it was also lovely for our children to watch on and see how much we meant to each other – it shows them the love and commitment that we want for our own daughters when the time comes .

When you are young and take your vows for the first time you are excited and make promises going into unknown territory. 18 years later we speak those words with conviction, we understand for better, for worse – we’ve lived through and supported each other through caring for and grieving the loss of both sets of our parents, raising three children and taking on daily life.

For richer, for poorer – we’ve made money we’ve lost money but we never argued about finances and made decisions together. We’ve talked openly about what we want and need moving forward now our family is growing older.

We have worked hard and stayed focused to create a beautiful life for our family and our future dreams are coming true faster than we could ever have imagined. Our son and two daughters are well balanced and confident individuals and love how open minded and tolerant they are to others, they have dreams I am confident they will fulfil and they are just really cool people to be with. We love them dearly.

For anyone whom has been married for some time I encourage you to renew your vows – it doesn’t need to be a formal event like what we had, it could be as simple as writing your own vows and sitting face to face and sharing this with each other – although I must admit riding on the back of a bicycle covered in Love heart balloons and a string of tin cans on the way to a barefoot service on a white sand beach in the Maldives was a fun way to start a beautiful new chapter in our lives!

Marriage is not always easy but when you truly believe, trust and support each other to become better people both as individuals as well as a partnership you’ll come to a point where it feels so good to grow older together and really live happily ever after!

Lots of love from the Maldives 🇲🇻

Mrs Boom Boom x


  1. Dear Mr & Mrs Boom Boom- I so wish that there were more if you in the world happily sharing your lives with others do honestly & warmly. You don’t dugar coat it & you make us all so much a part of your Hapoy funny journey which makes us all feel that we are ok & that life is about the ups & downs but we can do it – thanks for sharing your beautiful renewal of your wedding vows Ange – you really are so warm & sunny – I look foreward to your posts & blogs – thank you – with lots of hugs – Katr xx


  2. Im bursting…this is just simply beautiful. Congratulations. You are both a testiment that true love is alive and well and DOES exist. Much love , peace and light. Deb xo


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