Goodbye 2017 hello 2018 …

It’s always the last day of the year we reflect on the past 12 months and sum up whether it was a good year or we are ready to move on and not look back.

I knew at the beginning of 2017 it was going to be a challenging year, our family had moved back from NZ to the coast of NSW, Australia with my husband then moving overseas for a role which meant long bouts of separation, time differences and bad internet, but we have managed an entire year apart and both grown as individuals and as a couple.

For anyone who has cared for a loved one whom is terminally ill, this is one of the most stressful and emotional events of your life. Knowing my father whom had cancer was not going to make it till the end of the year was the hardest challenge for me. But I was a good daughter, did everything I could and we said everything that needed to be said between loved ones.

Trying to settle back into old friendships and lifestyle came with surprising struggles. Nothing remains the same and change is inevitable, especially within myself – I have changed. I see and think about things a lot differently. This year I have craved for friendships that are real, that go past the small talk bullshit. I also longed for solitude and even though I’m known to be a loud and happy party girl, I couldn’t wait for Friday so I could chill out at home with my kids and dogs down the beach when not at the hospital visiting dad.

2017 was the year I made self care a priority, I would routinely meditate, exercise, eat nourishing healthy foods, ease off alcohol, only said yes to what felt good and a confident no to that which did not – events, people, work.

My father passed away in November which was an intense time of grief and fast forward a month later and I am on a beautiful tropical island in the Maldives the day after my husband surprised me with a renewal of wedding vows at sunset with our children and feeling incredibly blessed and happy. 2017 has been about managing my emotions and staying positive. We can’t control events or other people or stop change from occurring but what I have learnt that by looking after myself emotionally physically and spiritually on a daily basis has ensured I have stayed balanced throughout the rough days and appreciate fully the beautiful golden days. I’m excited for what will unfold in 2018, I feel stronger and ready for positive new adventures , new friendships and more fun and lighthearted experiences. And Im also ready to handle any stresses along the way. It all starts with me.

With lots of love and wishing you all happiness in the new year xx

Mrs Boom Boom 💥

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