the C word…Customer Service….


These past few months have been an eye opener for me when it comes to the world of customer service within the flooring trade.  I mean how hard is it really to ‘get laid’?

Our cute little beach house needs some good loving after being a rental for 8 years – the carpet looks absolutely ‘shagged’ and it was time to rip it out and make way for some polished floorboards -simple enough you would think?

Mr Love Rug and I have renovated an old house and also built a new one, so I thought I can manage this little project on my own surely – so I rang several companies for a measure and quote and the experience has not been fun at all!

The first company stood me up, after I called them twice to follow up where the guy was who ‘forgot’ to come and measure and quote my room – he finally came a week later, telling me how busy he was and how lucky I am to have him there…(steady on big fella, lets not get ahead of ourselves)..but he was friendly enough and I wanted the good quality hardwood floors so I booked him in, paid the deposit and then I get a phone call 9pm on the Friday night, before the following Monday job to tell me “Oops love, I misquoted you, its actually $2000 more than what I said”.  Not cool buddy, and I had already gone over my planned budget so I said no thanks that’s too much, got my deposit back and ready to start the process again.

Then I contacted two other companies both had similar products, but one consultant showed me the perfect quality board that matched in with our existing stair cases so I said yes send me a quote, which he did and it sounded perfect, then I popped into the showroom a few weeks later and spoke to a consultant who told me that the board I was after wasn’t available in the colour I had originally discussed but showed me another product that was and even though it was a thinner board, it would also save me money so I thought ok I’ll take it home and try it out and bingo it was a perfect match!

I rang back on the Monday only to find out from the consultant that he was wrong, that the thinner board which we discussed as an alternative was not cheaper and  it would cost the same as the quality board.  I was confused, I was ready to hand over the 30% deposit, but was starting to lose trust in this company fast.  When I politely questioned what I was being told, the easy going conversation turned into a “well if you think you can get better go elsewhere”  I was stunned, I didn’t expect that response,  I expected him to help me match a flooring to my needs and I was ready to book in the job next week and hand over my $5000.   But then I thought, Pffft not happy with that answer!  So I grew my hairy balls and walked into another family owned business and walked up to a young sales girl who was pleasant, incredibly helpful and found me a high grade flooring which happened to be on sale! AND save me $50 bucks per metre 2  laid,  they are coming to measure up my floor this week and the job can be booked in for next week as originally planned.  I nearly hugged her ! How great it felt to finally speak to someone who wanted my business and $5000 and was ‘helpful and listened’ to her customer and spent the time with me to find the right colour and quality board. WHOAH..give this girl an award!  But really she was just doing her job wasnt she?

So what did I do next?  I took the sample back to the other company, as I walked in I took a good look at the consultant – he was unshaven, had a big beer gut with food stains on his company shirt and clearly hadn’t brushed his hair or showered.  As he looked me up and down “how’d you go love?”  I politely handed over the sample board, told him I took his advice and have decided to go with another supplier.  His answer? “yeah whatever good luck”…

I walked out of there in disbelief, I never complained or was demanding or rude, but the damage that these employees have done to a brand and the public image of a local company is bad..real bad.

For anyone who owns a business and pays a lot of money for marketing and advertising, take a good look at your staff – do you really know how they represent your business?  Good companies spend thousands of dollars on not only their culture and attracting the right people to their team, but also investing in training in customer service  as they understand it is the MOST important part of any business.   I’m hoping this company with their young sales assistant  I have confirmed can follow through with the goods next week,  I feel like I’m on a first date and looking forward to my official measure and quote with anticipation and then next week finally getting ‘laid’…. its definitely taken a while and a few duds in the process.

I’m overly excited about my new flooring, knowing I’m saving  money and also my self respect , as well as supporting a local business that understands good customer service.



Mrs Boom Boom





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