Which SPICE GIRL mum are you?

“So tell me what you want what you really really want!”

If you grew up in the 90s like me, you would have heard of the Spice Girls.  Their “girl power” movement was a worldwide sensation and their claim to fame with pop culture was catchy tunes and character traits that were highly marketable to girls everywhere.

Whether it was Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Posh, or Baby Spice, just about anyone could find something to relate to with one of the Spice Girls.

So fast forward to 2017 and I still find my self amusingly labelling other ‘mums’ I meet these days and automatically assume her spice character.  I can’t help myself, it’s just the way my brain functions!  I’ve met the Posh mums, driving around in their expensive 4WD’s (which have never been taken off road) looking fabulous and not a well-manicured hair out of place.  Their children are equally perfect and their houses look like something out of a House and Garden magazine, it doesn’t matter when I drop over to their houses because it’s always perfect – NOTHING is out of place except my envy.  I want to hate the Posh Mums but they are so bloody beautiful all I can do is just admire them and love them anyway.

My year living in rural New Zealand introduced me to a few “Scary’ Mums who would bond with their kids and take them shooting for rabbits and possums on the weekend and upload happy snaps with junior holding up the prize winnings on Facebook, I made sure not to get them offside but never took up the offer to come over and join in.. this was an education for me about pushing boundaries and stereo types!  but hey lets not make this a ditch competition, let’s relish the bogan mums of Australia who love a good drink, covered in tattoos and can swear better than a truckie.  Scary mums have strong vocal chords and can be heard streets away when scolding their kids for being little shits!  I love Scary Mums because they make me look good when my kids do the cross comparing of how embarrassing I am compared to their mate’s mums.

Then there are the Baby Spice cute little young yummy mummies who are full of energy with glowing skin and gorgeous physiques that don’t look like they’ve been a baby vessel and spring back into a bikini or that little black dress only weeks after popping out their well-cooked chooks.  They are the mums that advertising agencies love to use for photo shoots when marketing products – “You too can look this good if you buy this haemorrhoid cream today”!

I like to think of myself as a Sporty Spice Mum, I spend more time in lycra than I do in normal clothes and this is because I’d rather be exercising with my tribe of other Sporty Spice mums than doing the housework,  it’s also because I’m so bloody exhausted after a workout I couldn’t be bothered changing!  I’m always encouraging my kids to get out there and get active, “come down the beach and watch the sunrise with me kids! I’ll exclaim “sleep is for the weak”!  They generally roll their eyes at me and cocoon themselves into a doona burrito most of the time.  I’m lucky if I can get them to run for the school bus!  But there are loads of sporty mums who dedicate their weeks and weekends to drifting their cars between soccer, basketball and other activities their kids are joined up with – they love and support their kid’s activities with as much gusto and passion as the kids on the field.  This type of positive role model is ideal in a world of kids who spend too much time on screens.

Ginger Spice Mums are the sexy confident influential mums of the spice girl tribe – they are natural mums who are open minded and first ones to rally around any other mums who need a little help or support.  They are the leaders and say whats on their mind. They don’t mince their words, these mums make juggling life look easy but are the first ones to tell you it’s not and can laugh at all the life blunders they have experienced and dust themselves off and move on.

When I look back at my mothering styles spanning over 21 years now, I have managed to spread my children out with a six-year gap between each one (yes I know what were Mr Love Rug and I thinking?).    I have been a collective “All Spice” Mum, I’ve been a Baby Spice when I had my son at the ripe age of 22, I had no stretch marks and no worries back then, I have been scary spice especially when I’ve had a lack of sleep and three children and a husband all wanting my time, I could scream “ENOUGH” and would make all of them run for cover!  Since then I have mixed up a bit of posh and ginger and sporty spice which has lifted me to advanced level mothering now my kids are older- allowing me to combine my love of exercise, time with friends and explore my passion for writing whilst enjoying the spoils of nice things and luxury holidays.

So I ask you what Spice Girl are you?  And who are the Spice girls you keep company with?  Trust me now that I’ve shared my way of thinking you’ll start seeing mothering types in a whole new way.

Love and spice girl power

Mrs Boom Boom



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